What We Do

How do you get to your oysters?

We drive out on the hard sand at low tide in a pick-up truck and then have to scurry back in as the tide changes and water comes up to the tires of the truck. 

What environmental factors cause you to have to break routine harvest of your oysters?

The protection of the piping plovers can create a break in production. If there are pipping plovers in the area, we are only able to harvest on certain days of the week and have a guide take us out to the beach. When the birds go on their merry way, we can go back to work!

Are you able to enjoy the oysters year round?

Due to the lack of protection on the beach, we have to pull our gear and oysters for about two months during the harsh winter. The oysters come out of the water and go into hibernation. Lucky them!

At what restaurant can we find your oysters?

Row 34 and Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston, Shaws Crabhouse in Chicago, Morcilla in Pittsburg, Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar in Austin, and Anchor Bar in San Francisco. Island Creek exclusively distributes our oysters. These things get around!